News: Master of Business Administration Online at Kaplan University–Distance Learnin

Master of Business Administration Online at Kaplan University–Distance Learnin

At Kaplan University, our main focus in developing our online MBA programs is career development. We believe the time and effort that is required to obtain a master's degree online should be apparent the first day the student begins their new career. Earning an MBA could be a step in the right direction towards a fulfilling and satisfying career.*

Kaplan University's Master of Business Administration online offers students the tools to understand the relevant knowledge and proficiencies, and to apply what they have learned in class at work. Our unique distance learning MBA program is designed to accommodate students that work full time. You can attend class virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection, and the coursework material is available to you at any time. Students can pursue their goals and complete their MBA online for a brighter future.

Kaplan University strives to put our students first. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is going on in the business world and integrate that knowledge into our courses. At Kaplan University, we are proud to offer our students resources to help them succeed in their pursuit of continuing education. Our instructors care about their students and are available to answer questions or offer support.

* Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, eligible for job advancement opportunities, or employed at all. Additional training or certification may be required.

"We're very proud of our MBA program. The MBA Program enables students to develop a portfolio of practical, resume building experiences while they're still in school. What they can do with that is really demonstrate that they know what business is about and they know how to manage and lead projects.

I think one of the things that we've worked very diligently toward is to build a curriculum that provides students with real world experience so that they're able to that the skills that they're earning in the classroom, learning in the classroom and carry those immediately into the workforce.

The one thing that I would have to say that Kaplan [University] afforded me that other programs I looked at did not afford me is the practical use of every course and I can take it right from the classroom right to my work every single day.

We have specializations in marketing, management, finance, entrepreneurship which is very popular, international business.

An emphasis in International Business with all of its aspects from Human Resources to International Finance, International Projects, and International Marketing; that is something that I think will help me greatly especially in the consulting field.

What they're able to say with the MBA is that they've got areas of expertise in Finance and Economics and Accounting and that they've got the skill set that goes beyond what somebody with a bachelor's degree would have.

All of a sudden my supervisor is realizing that I'm being underutilized, so now I have more responsibilities that are more challenging.

The challenge is there for sure, but it's the tools like the Writing Center, the Math Center- the things that make a student be able to succeed.

You will find help and assistance from the beginning. Your academic advisor, the financial advisor, and every step you will always have somebody that will be there right by your side.

I've had many students contact me years after they've completed their degree and say it was because of having earned my MBA I'm now working in a different capacity; working in a leadership role, working as a VP, working as a CEO at a small corporation. Or many students go off and start their own business because they got the confidence of the skills that they've gained.

If you want your MBA, I can just tell you- Kaplan [University] is your first choice, it is. The structure of the program, the support network that is something that you can count on."

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